Everyday metal toxicity in food

Heavy metal toxicity is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society. Every day we are exposed to hundreds of toxic metals in our food, toiletries, cleaning products and in our environment. While the body requires small amounts of metal for nutritional purposes, high volumes resulting from constant exposure make it difficult for the body to process. As a result, heavy metals accumulate in the soft tissues and slowly poison the body’s systems.

In the world of natural healing, a more common approach to rid the body of heavy metal toxicity or any other health issue is to go on intense short term “Detox Programs”. However, I always recommend a “Detoxifying Lifestyle”. The following lifestyle changes are essential to not just remove unwanted excess metal from the body but also prevent it from being consumed in the first place.

The most commonly encountered heavy metals include aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, iron, lead, mercury and nickel. These mostly come from fertilizers and insecticides, tobacco smoke, metal containers including food cans, Aluminium foil, some pharmaceutical drugs , aerated drinks, margarine, refined flour and table salt often contain aluminium, cosmetics, hair products, antiperspirants containing aluminium (especially aerosol sprays), toothpaste, aluminium cookware and the list goes on and on.

Lifestyle Changes:

Use a water filter – A good quality water filter will help to remove chlorine and heavy metals. Wash your fruits and vegetables with filtered water to avoid any heavy metal residues.

Limit your intake of processed foods and refined foods – Refined and processed foods are a major source of metal poisoning,

Avoid canned foods – Canned foods can contain metals, especially if the cans have been damaged in some way.

Eat your essential fatty acids – Essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil help to lessen the effect of metal poisoning on your brain.

Eat foods high in vitamin C and E – Vitamin C and E rich foods (citrus fruit, dark leafy greens, etc) help to leach out toxic metals from your body.

Eat foods high in selenium – Selenium also helps to leach toxic metals from your body. Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium.

Go organic! – Buy organically grown produce when you can.

Do not use aluminium cookware.

Read Labels on all products you buy and if you don’t understand it, look it up!


Written by Sejal Vora

Published In DNA News (April 2013)

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The Truth: About Armpit Odour

This article touches on a subject that’s quite sensitive to many people, making it even more important to understand.

Try going 24 hours with no deodorant. If you can’t stand the smell from the outside, just imagine what your body smells like on the inside!

Armpits are designed to sweat. I know that may sound insanely simple, because everybody knows that armpits sweat, but I’m saying that armpits are supposed to perspire. Perspiring is a natural function of the human body primarily to regulate your body temperature, but there’s more to it than just cooling your body through perspiration. Another vital function of the sweat glands in your armpits is to excrete toxins from your body.

That’s why sweating is an important part of maintaining optimum physical health.

You have to give your body a chance to get rid of various toxins through a variety of metabolic processes. Those include urination, passing fecal matter, exhaling carbon dioxide and other toxins through the lungs, and, of course, eliminating toxins through the skin. The skin is after all, your body’s largest organ.

Yet people go to great lengths to prevent their armpits from sweating. Most people do this to prevent body odour, not understanding that body odour and sweating are two different things.

Sweating is natural, body odour is NOT.

The real cause of armpit odour is the intentional excretion of horrible toxins that your body is trying to get rid of.

It as simple as: What comes out of your body reflects what you put in!!

The way to eliminate body odor, then, is not to mask it with unhealthful deodorant products containing toxic chemicals and derivatives of heavy metals like aluminum and propylene glycol, but rather to clean up your body from the inside out. In other words, if your armpits have a horrible raunchy smell, that’s an indication that your diet needs some adjusting.

Antiperspirants may leave the outside of the body smelling fresh and clean – but inside, the toxins that would have escaped the body in the sweat have nowhere to go because you block the exit door and force those toxins to stay in your system! The problem with deodorants and antiperspirants is not only the aluminum or propylene glycol, but how it works to reduce sweat and smelly odors. Aluminum compounds, are key ingredients in almost every antiperspirant. They are powerful astringents that close pores, stopping sweat and odor from escaping the body. For this reason, antiperspirants are linked to problems with the sweat glands and lymph glands in and around the underarms. What’s more, “antiperspirants are designed to be absorbed “; the aluminum and many other chemicals are taken into the body and into the blood, eventually affecting everything, especially the endocrine and lymphatic systems, causing various health issues like Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, that may not even seem related.

If it still seems like a task that cannot be endeavored, at least start by choosing less chemicalized deodorants. Make sure to read the ingredients very carefully. AVOID any deodorant that contains any of the following chemicals in any form;

Propylene glycol

Written by Sejal Vora

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